At Sea
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Selected reviews for At Sea

Brooklyn Rocks

Brooklyn Mike over at uber-blog Brooklyn Rocks called the band’s first EP (released in 2006 as The Death of Jason Brody) “a great debut that captures a lot of the post-punk sounds of the 90’s and beyond.”

The Big Takeover

“Perhaps it is the two relatively brisk tunes that bookend this six-song EP (the superb “Call Off Your Dogs” and “Bitter Pill”), and the more amplified “Vanity,” that show off his band’s talents better.”

Left Hip

“The band is a guitar-driven classic indie-rock meets radio-friendly pop foursome from New York City.”

The Deli

“Introspective lyrics and a real appreciation for the hook…While the band’s nostalgic modern rock certainly sounds familiar, the music also brims with its own artistic uniqueness”.”

The Fevered Brain of RadioMike

“Indie rock has never been better and the band plays out constantly so you have plenty of ways to see this for yourself, especially if you live in NYC.”

The band made’s Top 25 of 2006. And writer Jennifer Layton said such lovely things, like: “No matter where this band roams, they envelop the sound with mystery and those gorgeous melodies.”


“The debut mini-album sees [this] foursome as a tightly knit unit. “Call Off Your Dogs” is sweet and urgent, Brody’s special voice at its finest. “Siren Song” is softer but has an evocative lead vocal and a nice melody. “Broken” is a sad and poignant breakup song where Brody’s unique talent is fully unveiled.”

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